fredag, januari 05, 2007

Nicole Krauss: The History of Love

Har levt i nedanstående värld över jul och nyår.

Join me!

Från Powells

Describe your latest project.

A man who falls in love at the age of ten, and stays in love for the rest of his life. A son who doesn't know of his father's existence. A mysterious book published under the wrong person's name, in the wrong language, with only one clue that points to the real author. A girl named Alma living in New York, searching for a man her mother could love. An eleven-year-old boy who believes he's the Messiah. A man who thinks part of him is made of glass; a natural history of angels; The Age of Silence; an obituary for someone who never died; an ark built in a vacant lot; a story within a story within a story about survival...

These are some of the elements of The History of Love, which travels from New York, to Chile, to Israel, to a village in Poland, from contemporary times to the years before and after the Second World War, and between the voices of two characters (one at the end of his life, and one at the beginning of hers) and a book's imagined history.

Tack, Nicole Krauss! Tack Alma!

/ Miss Ocko

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